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Auto Glass Newport Beach

The residents of Newport Beach, California and the surrounding area love to drive their automobiles. Whether it is going to and from work, running the kids around, or just enjoying the awesome weather that we enjoy in Southern California, you can’t beat the weather that we enjoy in the local area for most of the year. Unfortunately, this higher rate of driving combined with the small amount of rainfall that we see throughout the year, typically results in a higher rate of damage to the glass in both consumer and company owned automobiles. If you find yourself in this situation, and need an auto glass Newport Beach service, then OC Direct Auto Glass is here to take care of you. Our company has provided a mobile auto glass repair for our customers for more than 10 years, and we service the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Orange County areas of California. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty, and our mobile technicians are commonly able to respond to your needs on the same day that you call our company to help you with your auto glass Newport Beach or auto tint needs.

For the past decade, OC Direct Auto Glass has provided high quality mobile auto glass services to just about any location in the Orange County, Newport Beach, and surrounding areas of Southern California. Whether you have suffered glass damage from driving on the busy roadways in our area, or have been the victim of a car or truck break-in, our team of experts is able to repair or replace any window in your automobile. Whether you have suffered damage to the windshield, side windows, or back glass of the automobile, our team can repair the damage or replace the glass. Our company works on every make and model of car, truck, van, and SUV, and you will never have to deal with annoying worksite delays with our mobile repair teams. When you hire OC Direct Auto Glass, you are placing your trust in one of the most trusted and dependable auto glass companies in Southern California. Our team always delivers, and you will never be disappointed in the quality of our mobile glass repair team’s work on your automobile.

Auto Glass Repair

The mobile glass repair teams at OC Direct Auto Glass are able to take care of any auto glass repair, or windshield replacement need that you might have. We work on all windshields, back glass, door glass, van windows, and more. All of our work is covered by a lifetime warranty, and you will experience a quality of service that is unmatched in the local area. We take great care to treat each glass repair job as a unique endeavor, and give our customers the same attention that we would pay to our own vehicles. Most importantly, when we are hired to conduct a full windshield replacement, our team of certified technicians know their craft. We know how to take the right precautions when replacing your windshield in order to prevent any further damage to your automobile. If you hire a less experienced company to take care of your windshield needs, you could have the new glass crack, leak, or even become fully detached from your automobile’s frame in the worst case. This is why you will see our team take time to clean the windshield opening, remove the old adhesive, and also check for any rust or corrosion around the windshield opening. By paying attention to these small details, our team ensures that you will enjoy a long service life from your new windshield when you hire OC Direct Auto Glass to take care of your auto glass needs.

At OC Direct Auto Glass, we take great pride in our mobile repair teams providing efficient and reliable mobile glass repair services for our customers. Our expert team is commonly able to get most auto glass repair jobs finished in less than an hour, and even the most complex auto glass replacements complete in under a few hours. You will experience the same or higher quality of service when making the decision to use our mobile glass repair service that you would see in a traditional garage. Please give our staff a call today if you have any questions, or if you would like to see how much our glass repair or replacement service will cost you.

Windshield Repair

One of the worst feelings in the world for a car, truck, SUV, or van driver is suffering damage to the automobile’s glass to the point that it requires a full auto glass replacement service in the event a windshield repair service is not appropriate. Not only does a severely damaged windshield, side window, or rear window make it more annoying to drive your vehicle, but it also presents a major safety hazard for both yourself and the occupants of the automobile until the glass is properly repaired. If you are in this situation and live in the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, or Orange County areas of Southern California, then OC Direct Auto Glass can help you take care of your auto glass issues. Whether it is an annoying windshield repair, or you need a full windshield replacement, our team of expert technicians knows how to properly attack the problem and will get you back on the road in a safe and timely manner. We have more than 10 years of experience in the auto glass field, and all of our company technicians are both trained and certified to do our job.

When a client hires our company to do a full windshield replacement, safety is of the upmost concern for the employees at OC Direct Auto Glass. Most drivers do not realize it, but the windshield is one of the most important components of their automobile. Not only does it provide you with a clear view of the road, but modern automobile manufacturers also design the windshield to protect both the driver and the vehicle occupants in the event of a horrible rollover or other major accident. It also helps protect you from airborne debris, and they are now designed to help provide added resistance for the deployment of your passenger-side air bag in most models of automobile. In order to keep you safe, the structural integrity of the windshield must be kept in good condition. If you have small chips or cracks in the windshield, you will see an overall reduction in the performance of your windshield. As a result, all of our company technicians are trained to appropriately prepare a vehicle for the installation of a new windshield for just about every make, model, and year of all cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans on the road.

During our company’s time in business, we have developed a deep working knowledge of how most automobiles work and function. Depending on where you reside, your vehicle frame can eventually decay or rust which creates a big problem for older cars that need a new windshield installed. Our team knows how to fix even the biggest problems encountered while providing our high quality mobile glass repair and replacement services for our customers. We will always keep you informed of our team’s progress, and you will never be let down by the quality of work that our team does for you.

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